Here are some of the projects that were either assigned or proposed:

  • SEO – How can we improve to draw more potential customers to our web site?  What kind of content would be interesting and valuable to prospects so that they would spend their valuable time learning about WCAOEM? 
  • CRM – How could we improve our existing systems so that we could track leads and prospects, and track campaigns to determine a return on our investment?
  • SOC – What additional systems and processes would we need in order to conduct an audit of our internal systems to ensure compliance?
  • Project Management – Learning the skills necessary to be a successful project manager, and how to handle projects so they are efficient and effective.  We had several team members take this track, 
  • Full Stack Web Development
  • Making masks for workers at a local grocery store
  • Contact tracing 
  • Evaluating and working with different CAD drawings to digitize some of our part drawings
  • Creating surveys with Microsoft Forms
  • Web Design
  • Advanced skills development for Office365
  • Getting A+ Certification
  • Advanced computer networking


All the team members treated STUDIES like it was their JOB…. Nicole Larivee, our Workforce Development Manager, was put in charge of “herding cats” and stepped up to keep everyone on track and working towards their STUDIES goals.  Nicole held weekly meetings with the STUDIES team, where they all swapped war stories and progress on their respective projects.  These meetings provided a sense of camaraderie and a forum for each team member to show off their new skills and progress on their project.