Networking Services

Networking Overview

WCA has been providing advanced network infrastructure solutions
since its inception forty years ago. 

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WCA’s team of presales and post-sales engineering resources are well versed in traditional routing and switching, as well as wireless and mobility solutions.


Key Benefits and Features of Firewall/Security

How safe is your network?

At WCA, we know that security is vital; your business depends upon your network. Is your network safe from outside intruders, hackers, and viruses? Is the information you store about your customers on your network safe from theft?

It is important for you to obtain a clear understanding of your current security stance. At WCA, we can help by performing a Network Security Analysis which allows you to meet the principle security requirements of confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information.

Initially, the WCA Security Consultant will:

  • Review current assets, policies, and infrastructure
  • Submit questionnaires to key stakeholders
  • Identify the current security maturity level
  • Develop an analysis of the application of Security Best Practices

Next, the WCA Security Consultant will:

  • Perform interviews of key stakeholders to determine security stance
  • Measure current security safeguards against industry best practices
  • Review current policies, standards, procedures, and guideless for comparison to Security Best Practices
  • Review any previous risk assessments and remediation efforts
  • Review current deference to internal and external compliance issues
  • Produce and present an Executive Report identifying the results of the review to include:
  • A Score Card on information security and the internal maturity level
  • Observations of security issues where weakness was found and discussion of potential improvements
  • Results of the questionnaire for reference
  • Recommendations for change to meet Security Best Practices

IT Assessments

Key Benefits and Features of IT Assessments

Whalley Computer Associates offers many assessment services that can help improve your company’s overall IT success. Our server assessments offer capacity planning for consolidation and virtualization projects. Storage assessments can be done to evaluate capacity, performance, and the requirements for implementing storage area networks. WCA offers assessments in the following areas:

  • Server and Storage Consolidation
  • VMware Best Practices
  • Wireless Pre and Post Deployment Active Surveys
  • IT Health Checks

With VMware assessments, WCA is able to evaluate your existing virtual environment and provide feedback regarding how it meets best practices, and provide other detailed documentation. WCA has made significant investments in both resources and tools that allow us perform active wireless RF surveys. We also perform post deployment active surveys as a validation that the systems meet the client’s expectations. The WCA IT health checks offer infrastructure asset reports, high level virtualization opportunities, and server inventory, as well as provide performance and reliability checks on approximately 20 different system metrics.

The WCA team can help you establish a strategic IT plan for your organization with this service.

Identity Management

Smartphones, tablets, and the Internet of Thing (IoT) devices are pouring into the workplace to join laptops and desktops. With every employee now utilizing an average of three devices, the addition of IoT increases the vulnerabilities inside the business. This adds to the operation burden of the IT staff.

Identifying who and what connects to the network is the first step to securing your enterprise. Control through the automated application of wired and wireless policy enforcement ensures that only authorized and authenticated users and devices are allowed to connect. At the same time, real-time attack response and threat protection is required to secure and meet audit requirements (both internal and external).

WCA works with solutions from:

  • Cisco
  • Extreme
  • Fortinet


Whalley Computer Associates has been providing advanced network infrastructure solutions since its inception 40 years ago.

Today, WCA specializes in the design, implementation, and support of voice, video, and data networks. WCA’s team of pre-sales and post-sales engineering resources are well versed in traditional routing and switching, as well as wireless and mobility solutions. As the numbers of IT infrastructure devices, applications, and network connections grow, so does the importance of switches and routers to your network performance and user productivity. Whether you are redesigning your network or building a new IT infrastructure, let the experts at WCA help you implement the best solution to fit your needs.

WCA’s expertise covers many industry-leading technologies and manufacturers:


  • Aruba
  • Cisco
  • Extreme
  • Juniper


  • Aruba
  • Cisco / Meraki
  • Extreme / Aerohive
  • Juniper / Mist


WCA identifies as a leading wireless technology supplier in New England. We know the importance of having an effective and flexible wireless solution. WCA has helped one third of all K-12 school buildings in the Northeast with their wireless solution as well as countless other industries.

The following highlights WCA’s experience and specializations in wireless that position us as a partner of choice:

  • One of the largest Aerohive/Extreme Networks suppliers in North America
  • Platinum certified Aruba partner
  • A strong partner with Cisco Systems
  • Employee specialized wireless engineers with collectively 45 years of experience