WCA Health Care Technology Solutions

Customer Challenges

Many medical centers are acquiring other hospitals and medical practitioners. They are integrating different IT systems, software, and associated medical equipment in the emergence of the internet of things. VDI provides an opportunity for lower cost on client devices, better security and less maintenance. Also adding a level of complexity and additional datacenter resources. It takes a team of experienced, highly certified, expensive, technology professionals to maintain and optimize these systems.

WCA can perform these tasks at a fraction of the cost of an internal team. WCA also has some of the best engineers in the industry that can assist the internal IT team if they do no possess a particular skill set or have too much of that type of work to finish in a required time frame.

WCA Solutions

Whalley Computer Associates offers all the products and services that any health care organization would expect from a World Class Technology provider. WCA utilizes its’ 150 Technology Professionals to augment the IT departments of health care organizations, enabling them to have additional World Class IT staff that are available when needed with no overhead cost when their services are not required. WCA health care solutions include:

  • Advising on product selection and technology strategies based on best practices encountered with the 50 health care organizations we work with.
  • Assist and augment the internal IT team with the logistical challenges of implementing many devices.
  • Managed Services (proactive problem avoidance, security protection via remote monitoring, etc.,).
  • High level engineering projects where they don’t have the internal expertise.
  • Configuration & imaging, asset tagging, deliver & deploy hardware and software.
  • Disposal of all boxes and packing material before or after delivery
  • Specialty skills such as VMware, Virtual Desktop, Wireless, Datacenter Products and Services, Cloud, and Office 365.
  • Administer a variety of technology assessments to identify areas for improvement and help provide a solid basis to design your 5-year technology plan.

Whalley Computer Associates’ Health Care IT solutions seek to join hospitals, medical practitioners, health care organizations, and suppliers in a way that maximizes efficiency, lowers cost and provides an exceptional customer experience.

  • Client Devices
  • Servers
  • Switches
  • Wireless
  • Print Solution
  • Medical Carts
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Interactive White Boards
  • Digital Signage
  • Storage
  • Backup & Recovery
  • Security
WCA Logistical Support

  • Engineering Services
  • Configuration and Imaging
  • Product Preparation and Testing
  • Delivery
  • Deployment
  • Depot Repair
  • Recycling Services