WCA Enterprise Corporations Technology Solutions

The technology industry is constantly evolving, with new products and features being released faster than ever. All this change is exciting, however, it’s also incredibly challenging to keep up with cutting-edge competitors and cyber security issues.


    WCA Finance Technology Solutions

    The digitization of the financial industry was supposed to solve problems. While it has solved many, it has also created some new ones in the process.


      WCA Health Care Technology Solutions

      Customer Challenges

      Many medical centers are acquiring other hospitals and medical practitioners. They are integrating different IT systems, software, and associated medical equipment in the emergence of the internet of things. VDI provides an opportunity for lower cost on client devices, better security and less maintenance. Also adding a level of complexity and additional datacenter resources. It takes a team of experienced, highly certified, expensive, technology professionals to maintain and optimize these systems.

      WCA can perform these tasks at a fraction of the cost of an internal team. WCA also has some of the best engineers in the industry that can assist the internal IT team if they do no possess a particular skill set or have too much of that type of work to finish in a required time frame.


      WCA Higher Education Technology Solutions

      Customer Challenges

      The number of high school seniors continue to decline in the US. The competition to recruit these students by colleges and universities is more competitive now than ever before. A recent study found that nearly 40% of college seniors were willing to refuse a job offer if they considered the technology tools that they were assigned and were substandard. These realities highlight the importance of providing an exceptional technology experience to win enrollment over these highly coveted high school graduates.

      A daunting task when revenue for most colleges have reduced revenues as a result of the declining enrollment. Add to the fact that most students and faculty own and average more than 2.5 devices using the colleges’ technology resources with a staff that has not significantly increased from when there was one device for every 4 to five students.


      WCA K-12 Technology Solutions

      Customer Challenges

      Over the past decade most IT Teams’ responsibilities expanded from a small data center, a few computer labs and some carts shared by numerous classrooms to where now every teacher and student has a device, a phone, and often a device from home, a robust storage data center storage devices and high capacity wireless.

      Computerized state testing has elevated the importance of 100% up time from nice to have to mission critical. Yet the number of professionals on the K-12 IT staffs have increased at a fraction of the rate of the increased workload.


      WCA Retail Technology Solutions

      WCA services dozen of very diverse group of retail enterprises, including one of the largest off-price retailers in the world. Some of the other types of retail customers include food, jewelry, clothing, banks, wholesalers, ice cream, and pharmacies.


      WCA Small and Medium Size Business (SMB) Technology Solutions

      Customer Challenges

      Despite massive IT budgets, huge IT departments, even the largest global companies have technology performance and security challenges. So how does a small company with minimal IT budget and a small staff accomplish what challenges even the global companies can’t Done right, an exceptional IT team can increase their company’s efficiency, lower the cost of doing business and ideally provide their company with strategic advantage over their competitors.

      WCA can supplement the SMB’s IT by performing the projects that they don’t have the specific skills for or tasks that if outsourced to WCA allows them to complete more strategic projects that provide a higher value to their company.