WCA K-12 Technology Solutions

Customer Challenges

Over the past decade most IT Teams’ responsibilities expanded from a small data center, a few computer labs and some carts shared by numerous classrooms to where now every teacher and student has a device, a phone, and often a device from home, a robust storage data center storage devices and high capacity wireless.

Computerized state testing has elevated the importance of 100% up time from nice to have to mission critical. Yet the number of professionals on the K-12 IT staffs have increased at a fraction of the rate of the increased workload.

WCA Solutions

Whalley Computer Associates offers all the products and services any K-12 school would expect from a World Class Technology provider. WCA provides many services for K-12 schools which lower the total cost of ownership (TCO) and allow the schools IT staff to focus on more strategic tasks and services that they have the internal expertise to handle. Many of our schools utilize WCA to:

  • Advise on product selection and technology strategy using best practices encountered in the 250 K-12 schools we work with
  • High level engineering projects where they don’t have internal expertise
  • Configure image, asset tag, deliver, and deploy hardware and software
  • Cart building and wiring
  • Disposal of all boxes and packing material before or after delivery
  • Remotely manage, patch, protect to avoid and resolve problems.
  • Specialty skills include, VMWare, Virtual Desktop, Wireless, Data center products and services and cloud