WCA OEM is known for providing customers with outstanding products and services.  We strive every day to exceed our customers’ expectations while finding innovative solutions to solve all their needs.  

WCA OEM and the entire WCA family are very excited to announce a recent change to our headquarters at One Whalley Way in Southwick, Mass.  As the founder of a company that has emerged as a global leader in IT solutions, John Whalley has always prided himself on being an innovator in the industry. It is a philosophy shared by WCA President Michael T. Sheil. Together, they have led the way in investing in more sustainable energy solutions for our company.  

In keeping with that objective, WCA recently installed an array of solar panels on the rooftop of our headquarters.  The solar array consists of 930 LG solar panels, incorporates 31Hi-Q DC-AC converters, and has a maximum output of 248kW.  The project, which was installed by Solect Energy from Hopkinton, Mass., began in June of 2018 and was completed and operational on Tues., Oct. 2 of the same year. 

 Every day, the solar panels become operational around 8 a.m. and by 12 noon, provided the sun cooperates, the building runs entirely on solar energy. The system is designed to generate approximately 60% of our electricity needs annually. In addition to being a renewable energy source, solar energy reduces WCA’s electricity bills, lowers maintenance costs, and keep us in the forefront of technology development and modernization.

WCA OEM offers customers a variety of options to meet their needs.  We strive every day to go above and beyond for our customers while finding innovative solutions to solve their needs. Our dedicated team is committed to providing exceptional service from start to finish whether we are rolling out new technology, preconfiguring your system, providing on-site installation or depot support. 

WCA’s total operation space encompasses 118,000 square feet, 87,000 square feet of which is dedicated to configuration and warehouse storage making it possible for us to image and configure 8,000 desktop and laptop computers per month. We can also manage multiple projects at once and store standard products as well as backordered ones WCA OEM Technology Services is your “go-to” provider when the project needs to be done right, on-time, and within your budget.

WCA especially recognizes Accounting Manager Patti Martin for overseeing this important project.