New Building Construction


Walkways installed to side and front entrance 


Racks Going up Inside New Building 


Office Space of New Building Update


Continued Progress on Infiltration System and Aerial View of Building


Aerial View of both our facilities.


New Building Progress, outside brick complete, continued progress on infiltration system.


New Building Progress, outside brick being laid out.


WCA provides a tour for our customers of the new facility.


New building progress, bricks being prepared for front of building.


New building progress, interior concrete is complete!


New building progress, cement is being poured in interior of building.


New building progress, Interior is being worked on, photographed is the warehouse mezzanine and office space.


New building progress, working on office space.


New building progress, HVAC installation complete.


Started HVAC installation on new building. 


Started construction on the inside of new building.


Wall panels and roof is completed on new building


Wall Panels Progress


Wall panels are being installed on new building.


Building Steel Progress


Building Steel Progress


The steel team is finally here to start working on the building, we are expected to complete in the spring.


Whalley Computer Associates received the first steel shipment!

Southwick Is Building Momentum — Literally

Business West Article on WCAs commitment to the town of Southwick Massachusetts 


Whalley Computer Associates, Inc. Making $10 million Investment in New Facility

Southwick, MA, May 4, 2023—Whalley Computer Associates, Inc., a leading technology provider based in
Southwick, MA, announced today they are expanding their facilities. This new, $10M state-of-the-art facility
will bring an additional 85,000sq. ft of warehouse and office space and will expand WCA’s capabilities to
support their customers’ needs.

“WCA has been headquartered in Southwick, MA for our entire 44-year history,” says Michael T. Sheil, President of WCA. “This new expansion renews our commitment not only to the Town, but to our 200+ employees and to our future as a company.”

WCA OEM, a business unit of WCA, is a leading supplier of OEM services, including appliances, embedded computing, and depot services. This new facility will be instrumental in providing the space needed to bring all of WCA services to the next level. WCA also maintains a facility in Nijmegen, Netherlands, to service businesses’ needs worldwide.

“This larger, modern facility will enable us to better service our existing and new clients,” Doug Moglin, VP of WCA OEM Business Unit said, “This new facility is going to expand our capacity greatly, enabling us to continue expand our customer base.”

A family-owned business since its beginnings in 1979, WCA has become one of the leading IT providers in the Northeast, partnering with some of the best-known names in the business, such as Dell, HP, Lenovo and more. They are committed to providing high-quality, global service to their customers, while remaining true to their roots.

The new building is set to be completed in the first half of 2024.

New Facility

WCA is building a new facility in Southwick, Massachusetts next to our current facility. It will be 80,000 sq ft of warehouse/production space and 4,800 sq ft of office space. Construction is slated to start in the Spring of 2023 with completion in the Spring of 2024.

New Building Construction

New Building Construction

Whalley Computer Associates recently broke ground for a new building on our headquarters campus in Southwick, Massachusetts. This new, state-of-the-art facility will bring an additional 85,000sq. ft of warehouse and office space and will expand our capabilities to...

WCA Announces New Warehouse and Production Facility

WCA Announces New Warehouse and Production Facility

Exciting news from Whalley Computer Associates! Our brand-new warehouse and production facility is officially underway. The building will feature 80,000 sq ft of warehouse and production space, as well as 4,800 sq ft of office space. Construction is set to begin in...