Town of Suffield - Firewall Reconfiguration

Summary:  The Town of Suffield, Conn. was first settled in 1670 and currently has a population of over 13,500. The town requested that WCA create a solution to analyze their existing town and public schools’ network to replace and reconfigure their aging firewall, Barracuda, and iBOSS solutions.

Challenges:  The assessment of the client’s two different environment was completed and WCA provided a proposal that addressed all the clients concerns.  WCA also proposed to migrate all the existing firewall rules to the new SonicWall firewalls. For the purposes of this engagement WCA provided a sample design for virtual infrastructure components, pricing, and a methodology for the project corporate programs. Minimal disruption to the day to day business connectivity was a necessity.

Solution:   The solution included the decommissioning of the

existing CISCO ASA firewall being replaced with primary &

secondary SonicWall’s.

Benefits :   WCA’s solution implemented at Town of Suffield

included the following details:
The details of this install are as follows:

• Decommission aging CISCO ASA firewall

• Install and reconfigure two SonicWall’s (primary & secondary)

• Migrated existing CISCO firewall rules to new firewalls

• Reconfigure iBOSS & Town Barracuda solutions

• CA tested and verified all components

• Knowledge transfer

Project Results: The proposed Design was implemented and completed successfully.