Town of Southwick - Additional Access Point Installation Project

Summary:  Due to the town's growing need to improve it's existing wireless infrastructure, CA proposed a Scope Of Work to analyze the existing infrastructure to propose the client's desired solution within their product preferences and budget.    

Challenges:  Client's existing WiFi coverage was providing adequate coverage.  WCA designed an SOW for the project including an Active Wireless Site Survey and determined that the WiFi coverage would be significantly improved with the addition of 11 AP's.  WCA scheduled the facility installation with the client's approved timeline with minimal interruption to the town workflow.

Solution:  WCA performed an Active Wireless Site Survey to add 11 more AP's to the infrastructure.  After completion of the project WCA performed another Active Wireless Site Survey.  

Benefits :  WCA's solution implemented for the Town of Southwick

included the following details:

- The WCA assessment created a Scope of Work and timeline for the Active Wireless Site Survey, then proposed the addition of 11 more AP's

- Delivered, configured, and installed the nine  Extreme AP305C's and two AP-302WF AP's

- Project was completed during the Pandemic, and all safety protocols were observed/followed

- Minimal interruption to the daily workflow, and Post Active Wireless Site Survey was performed. The wireless improved coverage was shared with the network administrator

Project Results: The proposed Design was implemented and completed successfully.