Panolam - MPLS to SD-WAN Migration Project

Summary:  Panolam Industries of Shelton, Conn., requested that WCA assist with the migration from multi-protocol label switching MPLS to SD-WAN. The SD-WAN vendor, VeloCloud, Panolam, and WCA met and designed a new SD-WAN solution.

Challenges:  In the spring of 2020, COVID-19 hit, impacting the project severely. All customer operations were shut down for a time and when they started to resume business, it was to a skeletal on-site staff.  

Solution:  WCA worked with Panolam to get technical people on site at some locations to assist with the migration. At some locations, WCA and Panolam IT staff met on site and performed the cut-over.

Benefits :  WCA's solution implemented at Panolam included the following details:

- Some locations accessed the Internet from a local circuit, some used the MPLS network to use the Corporate Internet connection

- All locations received a new Internet circuit to be used for local Internet access and for the SD-WAN connection

- In some locations, the existing Internet circuit was used for load-balancing. In others, it was removed

- Minimal interruption to the daily workflow

Project Results:  “Once again, I’m extremely pleased with the services of WCA, as well as the outstanding attitude, performance, and attention to detail of Sr Engineer. This was as particularly frustrating project, but through it all the WCA Sr Engineer maintained a professional attitude and went above and beyond anything that was expected of him. I’ve worked projects with this specific engineer in the past and will look forward to working with him again. Panolam could not have been in better hands than with the WCA engineer leading the project. Also worth noting was the project management we received from the PM assigned. He kept the project moving even when we were less than enthusiastic in our responses. Without this push, the project would have run right off the rails. I’m extremely appreciative of all the work and effort both poured into making this network migration a success.” Michael Carbone, Vice President, IT