Harold Grinspoon Foundation Two-Phased Project Wireless Upgrade

Summary:  The Harold Grinspoon requested WCA to design a plan for a 2 phase project. The 1st project was to upgrade their existing wireless hardware in a personal residence. The 2nd project was a MDF relocation off their existing Data Closet to another location on the 2nd floor of their office.

Challenges:  The client requested that the 1st phase project be completed during normal business hours but the 2nd phase needed to be completed during after business hours (weekend). Part of 2nd phase was to identify/label all equipment which WCA performed during standard hours as a savings to the client.  

Solution:  WCA performed an IT assessment and then provided a

complete proposal/timeline for desired solution within the customers parameters

Benefits:  WCA's solution implemented at Harold Grinspoon Foundation included the following details:

- Upgrade wireless hardware with Extreme AP's & Switches in personal residence

- Indentify & label all existing hardware in preparation of the MDF relocation during business hours

- After hours work included the powering down of all hardware to be relocated to new data Closet on the 2nd floor

- Move included 3 racks of equipment relocated to the clients specifications

- Test connectivity on all solutions

The proposed Design was implemented successfully.