Framingham High School - Wireless Additions and Relocation Project

Summary:  Framingham High School is very concerned with their wireless performance in 4 different sections of the building.  Client has asked WCA to analyze and advise on the solution to their wireless infrastructure performance in front & back gyms, auditorium and cafeteria.

Challenges:  After WCA completed a review the suspect High School locations it was determined that adding additional AP's to all 4 areas would solve the performance issues.

Solution:  WCA designed a plan to analyze the existing problem areas and provide the additional AP's to solve the WiFi connectivity issues.

Benefits: WCA's Solution included the following details:

- Additional new AP's were installed in the 4 different problem areas in the High School facility that had poor connectivity

- 4 additional AP's added to each location

- All locations/ AP's were tested and confirmed upon completion

- Minimal interruption to the daily workflow and knowledge transfer final report to the network administrator

Project Results: The proposed Design was implemented and completed successfully.