Security Awareness Training

Security Awareness Training for End-Users

Full Day of training at your location

Five 1-hour classes

Over 50% of breaches are perpetrated by targeting end users. WCA is announcing Security Awareness Training for end users to help them understand the common attacks to reduce this risk. The Aberdeen Group Report states this risk can be reduced by 45% to 88% by regularly updating updating your employees' knowledge with SAT - Security Awareness Training. The WCA SAT Program provide your employees with current and continuously updated security awareness to keep your company safe.

Security Awareness Training is a proven way to protect your organization, reducing cyber risk by as much as 80%. The WCA Security Awareness Training Program provides your employees with the ability to recognizes the current methods of attack targeting end users and appropriate actions they can take. Our goal is to help you on your journey to improving your organizations Digital Citizenship.


  1. Critical Security Controls
  2. The STAR Process
  3. The New Perimeter
  4. Types of Attacks & Malware
  5. 11 Steps to Safe Browsing
  6. Good Password Hygiene
  7. New Risks