Key Benefits and Features of Firewall/Security

How safe is your network?

At WCA, we know that security is vital; your business depends upon your network. Is your network safe from outside intruders, hackers, and viruses? Is the information you store about your customers on your network safe from theft?

It is important for you to obtain a clear understanding of your current security stance. At WCA, we can help by performing a Network Security Analysis which allows you to meet the principle security requirements of confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information.

Initially, the WCA Security Consultant will:

  • Review current assets, policies, and infrastructure
  • Submit questionnaires to key stakeholders
  • Identify the current security maturity level
  • Develop an analysis of the application of Security Best Practices

Next, the WCA Security Consultant will:

  • Perform interviews of key stakeholders to determine security stance
  • Measure current security safeguards against industry best practices
  • Review current policies, standards, procedures, and guideless for comparison to Security Best Practices
  • Review any previous risk assessments and remediation efforts
  • Review current deference to internal and external compliance issues
  • Produce and present an Executive Report identifying the results of the review to include:
  • A Score Card on information security and the internal maturity level
  • Observations of security issues where weakness was found and discussion of potential improvements
  • Results of the questionnaire for reference
  • Recommendations for change to meet Security Best Practices