Patch Maintenance/Management

Managed end point patching is becoming a standard for companies to be able to free up time and resources of their in-house IT team or to ensure their systems are kept up to date when there is no in-house IT team. It is also a cost effective and secure way to ensure that the users systems are up to date and protected with the latest updates and security patches. Ensuring that end points have these updates can be a full-time job and require the needs for dedicated server hardware and expensive software to be able to accomplish the job of keeping your network up to date.

The latest statistics report that up to 73% of infections come from vulnerability exploits of unpatched software. So, it's easy to see why having a reliable patching solution should be considered a top priority in your company's cybersecurity plan.

WCA and would be hackers also realize that Microsoft applications are not the only software solutions that need updating. It is reported that more than one quarter of all cyber-attacks and viruses come in through third party applications. WCA includes patching of most third-party applications as part of its managed patching solution. Listed below is a sample of some of the applications that are covered:

  • Java
  • Flash
  • Adobe
  • Google
  • Mozilla

WCA's managed patching service uses industry leading enterprise level patching solutions. We have a team of talented and dedicated engineers that review all updates and patches as they are released by their manufacturers. This confirms the reliability as well as the patch is something that needs to be applied to your end users' machines.

WCA engineers also can build testing environments to deploy updates to ensure that the latest release does not bring down your critical systems. As well as if there is a release that does cause a problem, WCA's managed patching solution can quickly and easily remove the offending update to get your systems back and running ASAP.