Monitoring and Alerting

WCA gives our customers the option to do custom monitoring based on a company's specific applications. We can check the activity and status of internal systems within your network. Our specialists can also work with your IT team after the initial triage.

WCA reviews your devices and can monitor anything and everything that could go wrong - what's failing or not running properly and then properly evaluate how to fix it. In the event of an unplanned power outage, WCA has the ability to monitor the devices to make sure things are still up and running as well as view other details of the system.

24x7 Incident Response

Today's security and administrative needs can leave your IT team struggling to keep up. WCA's solution solves that by providing 24x7 support for all maintenance, configuration and emergency support issues.

Our certified engineering staff is available to help with any support issue or changes that your team may need. Our team responds to any of those issues or changes 24x7 when we get an alert. We are able to respond to your problem, assess the issue and resolve the problem in a timely manner.