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The findings detail a complex security balancing act between IT teams and users; especially in the age of remote work and virtual collaboration at scale.

With ransomware attacks growing in frequency and little being done to stop them, IBM is well-timed with its anti-ransomware Safeguarded Copy for its FlashSystems IBM's Safeguarded Copy takes a snapshot of your systems and stores it where ransomware can't reach it.

Improved monitoring of work-at-home environments requires money, simplified infrastructure, and better IT leadership, an Enterprise Management Associates report says.

Malware masqueraded as Windows 11 installer

Mitre releases its list of the most dangerous software weaknesses, detailing the most common vulnerabilities which can give cyber criminals the ability to access machines to steal data or cause crashes.

A new study explores how businesses need to adapt as the economy reopens.

In the remote workplace, virtual meeting fatigue is a real thing. Check out this article along with Microsoft's tips on cures to virtual meeting fatigue.

Silver Peak will be combined with HPE's Aruba business unit to bolster its position in the SD-WAN market.

It is crucial now more than ever for technology professionals need to be at the top of their game. Whether their company is going back to an office or staying remote, it is important for tech professionals to mastered new skills essential for post pandemic success in the workforce.

In the context of the cloud, disruptions caused by COVID-19 have opened the door to new and different types of cybersecurity threats that company's should be aware of.

Finance leaders are looking towards technology investments to reduce costs during these times.

IT budgets are shifting due to the global COVID-19 pandemic for enterprises, SMB's and more. CIO's are evaluating IT needs for their organization and are using a mix of executive and end user decisions when it comes to IT spending.

WCA is here to advise and assist you with your ever changing environment. We would like to help.

Going into detail on how Aruba ESP is enabling a unified infrastructure through remote work. Aruba's ESP platform can be broken down into four categories: cloud services/data management, dynamic policy and security, connectivity diversity and ecosystem creation.

WCA is one of only a few HPE Aruba Solution Providers in all of New England that certifies at HPE Aruba's Platinum level (highest level).

Security risks are changing as COVID-19 has changed the work force world. Security considerations have been a topic of discussion for remote user devices and networks.

WCA can help your organization and employees is your new remote environment.

Organizations should provide usage guidelines to their employees about the responsibilities of company-owned equipment, such as this policy.

Windows Virtual Desktop is a very efficient way to keep employees working remote productive and secure.

Microsoft is ending their support with Windows 7 and it's time to make the move to Windows 10. Microsoft will not be providing security or tech support for any issues related to Windows 7, therefore by not upgrading to the new version you are putting your device at risk.

Intel's executive VP released a statement apologizing for CPU shortages in 2019. Intel is working to improve supply-demand balance and support with their products since their capital has increased this year. Intel is making strides to try to resolve this issue in 2020.

Microsoft releases 2019's most clever phishing hacks based on a report of the year's malware and security trends.

Cloud infrastructure configuration solutions have made it possible for providers and enterprises around the world to quickly scale operations.

Disaster recovery and business continuity plans can help sustain business operations during the Coronavirus.

During this time cybercriminals are trying to take advantage of people working remotely from their homes. There are many ways your organization to secure your company's network.