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ITcertifications can help boost your salary and make you stand out against thecompetition. Here are the top 10 most pursued IT certifications of 2021,according to Global Knowledge.

The morevalue and tools vendors offer through SaaS, the more they can justify costincreases. Experts believe price hikes will become an annual tradition in theSaaS space.

 Vettedsecurity researchers invited by the agency will get access to select externalDHS systems to identify vulnerabilities that could be exploited by bad actors.

EdgeConnect Microbranch , which is a part of Aruba's networking services infrastructure platform known as ESP, offers extended SD-WAN and SASE services, and will be generally available in March 2022.

AWSreported that the problem was with internet connectivity in the US-West-1 and 2Regions.

Payinequities, lack of work-life balance and unequal opportunities in the workplace are the biggest challenges for women pursuing careers in tech

The hybridworkforce is here to stay. And while blending in-person and remote work has itschallenges, done well it can unlock significant upside, as these IT leadersattest.

AWS rollsout managed WAN service, direct data center connectivity and enhanced TransitGateway communications with support from Cisco, HPE/Aruba, Palo Alto Networks,VMware, others.

Data disclosures from cloud misconfigurations are often the result of human error —but policies, not users, are to blame.  

CIO JudithConklin discusses the ongoing cloud migration and digitization of the world’slargest library — a massive endeavor to make more of its 170 million assetsavailable to all.

IDC's “MarketScape: Worldwide SD-WAN Infrastructure 2021 Vendor Assessment” looks at the capabilities and evaluates the core features offered by 12 SD-WAN infrastructure vendors.

Midsizecompanies often lack the staff, expertise and expensive tools needed to defendthemselves against attack, says security provider Coro.

Forrester Research says IT pros now think of IoT and edge as inextricably connected and that the two will be used to help enterprises comply with US government regulations.

A new report finds leaders need a reality check when it comes to innovation and protecting their organizations from a cyberattack.

A group of unidentified hackers have compromised one of the FBI’s email servers and have sent out a massive wave of spam emails containing a warning about a (fake) cyberattack that was allegedly taking place.

According to Adobe Analytics, consumer spending on that day last year reached a whopping $9.03 billion dollars (21.6% Year-over-Year growth), and 2021 is expected to be even bigger.

VMware and Dell have untied the knot that has held them together since 2016, giving VMware new flexibility for partnerships and investment.

As cloud strategies become increasingly vital and complex, cloud architects can help organizations avoid risk and ensure a successful, cost-effective transition to the cloud.

Nikkeireports Sony and TSMC are teaming up to build a semiconductor factory in Kumamoto, Japan that would tackle "strong global market demand" for specialized chips.

As more and more people switch to working from home, some are left counting the cost.

IoT tech will help reduce emissions, satellite internet will challenge 5G, the chip shortage will continue and more will happen in 2022 as pandemic recovery continues to move slowly forward.

Your IT employees likely possess skills and knowledge that are unused in their current roles and may make it easier for them to learn new skills. Together, these hidden and transferable skills provide a treasure trove of untapped IT talent.

Using recently available citizens broadband radio service (CBRS) wireless spectrum and help from a state-wide non-profit, Murray City schools deployed a network that gives students the bandwidth to attend virtual classes

Gartner says IT budgets are growing at the fastest clip in 10 years, fueled by purchases of infrastructure software and devices.

After 100 days on the job, VMware CEO Raghu Raghuram says its upcoming split from Dell will give the company increased strategic, operational and financial flexibility.

CIOs are struggling for work-life balance now more than ever, but it’s harder than it sounds.

Talent is your biggest asset, and while you’ll never eliminate employee turnover, the following strategies can help you keep your best.

The Aruba CX 10000 switch integrates a DPU from Pensando that helps support firewall, DDoS, encryption, network-address translation, load balancing, network telemetry, and automation.

With people using their work devices to access personal online accounts, companies have an obligation to increase security awareness training.

Two recent reports underscore the impact of the Great Resignation, as workers leave their jobs in droves. Here's how businesses are responding.

Analysis of Cisco's latest earnings report shows it's likely that price increases will be locked in for at least another year or two, experts say.

Success in the hybrid work era will be shaped by how well companies can embrace collaborative technology, experts say.

The talent shortage is the most significant adoption barrier to the majority of emerging tech

If your hopes are for semiconductor prices to return to what they used it be, there's nothing but bad news on the horizon.

Cybercriminals are using malicious Google Ads to deliver the ZLoader banking Trojan.

The cost of servers, data center equipment could rise sharply in the near term, experts say.

Don't fall victim to the highly sophisticated in business email scams

U.S. Intelligence & national security leaders willmount a “surge” against nation-state sponsors of cyberattacks, Gen PaulNakasone told National Security Summit attendees.

Social media is overflowing with quizzes, surveys and opportunities to tell the world about yourself. Learn why you should skip these to protect yourself and your identity.

Microsoft is continuing to look for ways to make hybrid work better via Teams, Outlook, LinkedIn courses and more. Meanwhile, Microsoft's U.S. employees will continue to work primarily remotely for the foreseeable future.

Researchers said this was the 10th zero-day exploit that Google had patched this year.

New Network Set to be the First and Largest End-to-End Public Wi-Fi 6 Deployment in a European Stadium, Enabling Advanced Digital Fan Experiences

A vulnerability assessment identifies and quantifies vulnerabilities in a company’s assets across applications, systems, and network infrastructures.

If workloads and the data still act like they're in a data center, the organization won't run as efficiently, which can lead to frustration on the part of customers and employees.

IT is now maintaining a more diverse fleet of laptops in the wake of scarcity and rising costs in computing equipment.

Microsoft says its US employees spent less time communicating with colleagues outside of their immediate business teams after making working from home mandatory in 2020.

When it comes to remote work, security is often the last thing on the priority list.

CoPilot: Reduce Risk and Save Time Using Explainable AI

A new survey from Palo Alto Networks shows the key challenges enterprises faced as they moved to remote work and they're doing next as hybrid work models gain more acceptance.

Microsoft's big Windows 11 update is on the way. Here's what you need to know about features and timing.

The cost of servers, data center equipment could rise sharply in the near term, experts say.

Many restaurants, gyms and event venues are increasingly requiring proof of vaccination for entry, so keep your COVID card handy.

Microsoft Teams organizers can now delegate responsibility for breakout rooms to individual presenters.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is one of the agencies chartered with creating the cybersecurity standards and requirements outlined in Executive Order 14028.

These laptops and Chromebooks are under $500 and ready for back-to-school season.

Here are some recommendations and buying advice so you can find the best budget-friendly laptop from Lenovo, HP, Acer and others.

With tech unemployment at a two-year low, executives grapple with the talent demands of ongoing — and future — IT projects.

MSPs are increasingly being turned to as strategicoutsourcing partners that remotely manage or delivery IT services, thanks totalent and technologies most enterprises lack.

The Fusion detection for ransomware correlates alerts that are potentially associated with ransomware activities.

But the update might change how you install new printers.

Reducing your susceptibility to an attack will make you a less attractive target to financially motivated cyber-criminals.

As Extreme Network's revenues top $1 billion, CEO Ed Meyercord claims the company's XIQ management has features that Cisco's and other company's products lack.

The findings detail a complex security balancing act between IT teams and users; especially in the age of remote work and virtual collaboration at scale.

With ransomware attacks growing in frequency and little being done to stop them, IBM is well-timed with its anti-ransomware Safeguarded Copy for its FlashSystems IBM's Safeguarded Copy takes a snapshot of your systems and stores it where ransomware can't reach it.

Improved monitoring of work-at-home environments requires money, simplified infrastructure, and better IT leadership, an Enterprise Management Associates report says.

Malware masqueraded as Windows 11 installer

Mitre releases its list of the most dangerous software weaknesses, detailing the most common vulnerabilities which can give cyber criminals the ability to access machines to steal data or cause crashes.