Microsoft Autopilot

Introducing Microsoft Autopilot

Microsoft Autopilot allows you to image, configure and deploy your Windows 10 device over the internet with no interaction as an IT administrator. Autopilot builds on the existing management technologies such as Mobile Device Management (MDM) to manage and configure your Modern Device. This happens by automatically enrolling the devices in these solutions at their first bootup, right out of the box. The major benefits of Autopilot include:

  • No touch imaging, configuring & deployment of the product 
  • Ability to remediate problems remotely  
  • Ability to remotely reset to the factory or IT approved state 

WCA offers three different levels of Autopilot services to best fit your needs. 

  1. Economy: We provide you the PKID (Product Key ID) for the devices you purchase, and you perform the Autopilot services for your customers. 
  2. Business Class: We take the PKIDs and enroll them in Partner Central for you, so you can easily manage the devices. 
  3. First Class: We enroll and manage the devices in Partner Central for you. As a locally owned company we have a team of IT experts who can help you 24x7 with this and any of your other technology needs – the first-class way! 

Why WCA?

  1. Expedite modern delivery and deployment 
  2. We will hold inventory for your exclusive use at no cost to ensure next day delivery.
  3. The inventory we hold will eliminate waiting for backorder products.
  4. Having WCA inventory your product, allows you to make volume purchases and request deliveries whenever you need them with WCA transportation providing inside delivery to the exact building, in the exact quantities at a specific time regardless if the building has a dock or not.

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