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Imaging & Configuration Center

Whalley Computer Associates has over 600 feet of bench space dedicated to imaging and configuration, which permits our configuration specialist to setup and image large quantities of systems in a short period of time. WCA's 62,000 square foot corporate headquarters contains a 37,000 square foot operations and configuration center. In 2012, WCA opened its' Westfield Warehouse and configuration center to handle the explosive growth that we have been experiencing since 2009. The Westfield Warehouse provides an additional 50,000 square foot warehouse and configuration center, enabling us to handle even the largest nationwide projects.

At WCA, we are able to configure products at a much lower cost than our customers for several reasons:

  • A large volume of computers are constantly being prepared and every job is done with efficiency, consistency, and high quality results.
  • Our highly motivated configuration specialists do not require the certifications that our customer's all purpose technicians do, and as a result provide exceptional service at a lower cost.
  • With over 600 feet of bench space, each technician can be involved in configuring as many as ten computers simultaneously.
  • Our configuration specialists are highly motivated and know that excellent performance is required.
  • Many of the steps to prepare your computer are already done as part of our normal sales process.