Asset Recovery and Recycling

Asset Recovery & Recycling Services:

WCA provides EPA-approved solutions to conscientiously meet the challenges created by the disposal of millions of tons of electronic waste generated annually. We recognize and embrace our corporate responsibility to recycle wherever and whenever possible. We assist our customers in the return and proper disposal of their discarded and obsolete IT equipment using environmentally-sanctioned methods.

We perform a many or as few of the services below based on our customer's needs:

  • Collect individual units, create an asset database and consolidate them into locations that optimizes the efficiency of their collection.
  • WCA holds the product for a duration decided by the customer in case the end user is missing data from the transfer
  • Transport the devices to: WCA headquarters, an EPA approved recycling center, or back to the leasing company
  • Data Destruction: DOD drive, Drive Destruction, Certificate of Destruction, and the drive serial #scan and a video of the drive being ground up.
  • WCA will make repairs that are below the cost of a leasing penalty if the customer desires
  • WCA will seek prior approval and share any monies earned from 3rd party payments if the devices have residual value.
  • WCA can do the work necessary to securely donate devices tocharaties or schools if the customer desires.

Additional Specifics:

WCA typically performs wiping at our WCA Southwick location as the 3-pass wipe process takes upwards of 4 hours per drive, depending on the size of the hard drive. Onsite wiping can be discussed. The cost per drive would be considerably higher.

WCA currently uses White Canyon Wipedrive software to wipe hard drives. This software uses DOD standard 3-pass overwrite. More often wiping is performed at WCA because it is more efficient and significantly less expensive. A report by hard-drive sn# can be generated showing that the wipe has been completed. The reporting is web-based.

WCA's Recycling Initiative

WCA understands the significance and importance of our environmental responsibility. Standard practices include collecting and consuming recycled goods as well as promoting and facilitating the use of recyclable goods by our customers. We are always seeking additional ways to further reduce our burden upon landfills and share additional examples below:

Internal Operations:

  • Designed packaging for our custom servers that uses corn-based green cell foam
  • We purchased a software application called ConnectWise which allows the generation, transmitting, completion, approval,copying and sending of all data electronically. It is virtually a paperless solution
  • We have implemented employee suggestion to use of product called “Taterware” by Green Wave. Taterware eliminates plastic plates and utensils with biodegradable cutlery and bowls that offer the same advantages of any plastic ware but with the added ability to compost in 65-90 days
  • Eliminated Styrofoam cups from our operation 
  • We installed fans in the production and warehouse areas to better circulate air, reducing the need for heating and air conditioning

External Operations

  • Assist our customers in the return and proper disposal of their discarded equipment
  • Wooden pallets are reused until they reach end-of-life where they are made available to anyone interested in salvaging the wood. Many of them are ground to become fuel for wood-burning furnaces
  • Worked with a key supplier to eliminate superfluous CD's and manuals from packaging we buy to eliminate waste at the source


  • Recycling of all paper and cardboard which is compacted and recycled by a local partner
  • WCA changed our recycling company for corrugated. We installed a corrugated compactor, and the new supplier pays us for the corrugated we recycle. This in turn lowers WCA's overhead, and thus our pricing to our customers, while at the same time keeps all our corrugated scrap in the recycling stream
  • Recycling of all office paper

Energy Efficient

  • Designed a new 1U server that is 15% more energy efficient than a competitor's product, potentially saving 10,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions
  • Installed Solar Panels that reduced our electric consumption by 58%
  • Our facility is equipped with motion sensitive lights that switch off when our area or room is not in use
  • We have a computerized climate control system to reduce energy consumption when the building is unoccupied

For more information on WCA's Recycling Initiative - visit our Environmental Policy page.