WCA has spent the last 40 years building a team of professionals with over 200 combined years of experience providing Data Center Solutions to a wide variety of clients. Over these 40 years, WCA has also built a suite of strategic service offerings to continually enhance our clients' capabilities while lowering IT costs.

The lack of strategic direction and rising IT costs are the two most important factors in executives reasoning for having an IT Assessment performed by an outside vendor. WCA has a team of professionals skilled in assessing and documenting all the key areas of the IT Infrastructure.

  • SaaS Delivered: WCA's analytics are delivered in a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, which results in fast implementation and no software maintenance. The application is constantly updated and offers easy access.
  • Passive Analysis: WCA's methodology is valuable in helping IT organizations troubleshoot problems while reducing the impact on their IT infrastructure.
  • Secure Component: Level Data Collection: All component-level data is encrypted and securely stored for up to 90 days and then automatically deleted as per our data storage policies.
  • Virtual Appliance: The deployment of RISC Networks' virtual appliances takes as little as 15 minutes. Using virtual appliances is a cost effective, simple and secure method of conducting data collection and analysis.

Utilizing IT HealthCheck allows WCA to help our customers improve the reliability, scalability, performance and optimization of their IT environment, while simultaneously aligning the solutions directly to solve customer challenges.

  • Core Network Infrastructure
  • VMware Infrastructure Performance
  • Data Center & Server Infrastructure

WCA provides Wireless Assessment services utilizing many tools.

Ultra-Fast Wi-Fi Planning:

Accurately design a high-capacity Wi-Fi network based on your requirements. WCA can create the entire plan in 3D, and take into account wall materials, floor materials, antenna direction and up/down tilt, and many more factors. Design for coverage as well as capacity utilizing the advanced Capacity Planning features.

Wi-Fi Site Surveys:

WCA's Wi-Fi site survey tool allow simple yet ultra-comprehensive validation of Wi-Fi network coverage and performance.