Infrastructure as a Service

Key Benefits and Features of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) 

We offer custom Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud solutions from Zure and Green Cloud Technologies that deliver the flexibility, reliability, and certified support for your legacy and cloud-based applications. Our engineering team will analyze your environment to obtain a complete understanding of the application requirements, user access methodologies, fault tolerance and security then build, migrate and deploy the optimal infrastructure to provide a 100% SLA solution coupled with business continuity options.

Server Options to fit your needs: 

Public Server: The benefits of enterprise architecture at any scale.

  • This multi-tenant solution features shared storage, CPU memory, and network resources. With native hosting, this secure public platform offers a powerful blend of dependability, scalability, and ease-of-use in VMware computing environment - ideal for deploying classic and cloud-based applications or hosting business website and workflows. If desired, our team of VMware certified engineers can oversee the installation, monitoring and maintenance on your behalf.

Private Server: The scale and performance of public cloud with the flexibility and control of dedicated resources.

  • The single-tenant solution is comprised of dedicated storage, CPU and memory, along with private network bandwidth and connectivity. Full control of this environment enables resources to be reallocated on-demand while maintaining high performance and availability. The architecture is powered by VMware vSphere. Native and high-availability hosting is available with private or public SATA-like, SAS-like or SSD-like storage options and includes Microsoft OS and VMware licensing.

Hybrid Server: The convenience and affordability of public cloud with the security of private cloud

  • Our hybrid cloud solutions enable you to mix and match shared and dedicated virtual server resources to keep each aspect of your customer's business in the most efficient environment possible. Powered by VMware, applications and workloads can be moved between cloud, which accelerates deployment times without having to fully reconfigure network settings.

Storage Tiers

  • Premium: Higher I/O available for highly transactional servers. Low latency and high throughput provide flash-like performance. At-rest encryption provided. Ideal for: SQL servers and exchange servers.
  • Standard: Equivalent I/0 to a typical small business-sized server. Latency and throughput are both on par with average SAS-based storage media. Ideal for web servers, terminal servers.
  • Archival: Low I/O server with storage built for infrequently accessed data. No guaranteed I/O. High latency and low throughput for STA-life performance. Ideal for: document management systems, old/inactive EMR systems.


  • SOC Type II
  • PCI
  • ISO27001
  • Uptime Institute Tier 3

Professional Services and Managed Support for complete designing,deployment, and support for all cloud services including IaaS, DRaaS and BaaS.