Disaster Recovery

Protection of Your Most Important Asset - Have a Disaster Recovery Plan

Disaster can take many forms: fire, flood, tornado, sabotage, hacking… even simple human error can be disastrous. For organizations of any kind, one of the most vulnerable assets in the event of a disaster is their data.

Regardless of the circumstances, a catastrophic loss of business-critical data can permanently destroy an organization’s ability to operate. Even a temporary data disruption can have a major impact on its chances for survival. Most physical property can be replaced; data cannot be so easily recovered unless the organization has made investments in a disaster recovery or backup plan. 

The experts at Whalley Computer Associates are your safety net in such an event. Our products are Cisco Powered and built on validates Cisco architecture, and with industry-leading technology partners such as Zerto, your data is readily available when you need it. 


  • 90% of businesses that do not have a recovery plan could not survive a disaster 
  • 33% of businesses were not prepared for a disaster, despite having a recovery plan 
  • 12% of businesses were completely unable to recover their data after an attack 


When choosing a backup solution, it's critical to understand the differences in the data recovery and replication options available to you.

  • SNAPSHOT: A snapshot is a point-in-time “picture” of the state of a virtual machine’s disk(s). Individual files cannot be retrieved from a snapshot.
  • REPLICATION: Replication is the practice of copying data from one location to another to maintain a mirrored version of the machine on separate media.
  • BACKUP: A backup is a full copy of the virtual machine’s data and applications, taken while the VM is in a prepared state and usually saved separately.


  • Installation support and initial VPG setup
  • Initial test failover with our assistance 
  • Support for VMware hypervisor only (Hyper-V not supported) 
  • Zerto licensing for all protected virtual servers 
  • Microsoft Windows Server OS licenses for recovery in the Green Cloud infrastructure 
  • Remote connectivity via RDP, SSL, VPN, and Ipsec VPN (depending on chosen network bundle) 


  • Customer VMware environment must have vCenter deployed with VMware Essentials or greater 
  • Bandwidth between customer premise and the data center must be sufficient to manage replication and also production traffic in the event of a failover. Zerto recommends 10 Mb/s + for replication 
  • Customer is responsible for network configuration changes, such as DNS, IP changes, etc. on the protected side as part of the fail over process 


If the customer will be moving production users to a secondary site in the event of fail over, bandwidth from the secondary site to the data canter must be sufficient to manage production traffic. After delivery of the product, it is the end user's responsibility to notify us in the event of any major vCenter changes that could impact the performance of Zerto or Veeam failover.

Disaster Recovery with Zerto

Disaster recovery (DRaaS) with Zerto - our disaster recovery solution for virtualized environments - is powered by the industry's most comprehensive hypervisor-based data replication solution for VMware v Sphere. It offers a fast recovery and RTO with block level RPO's.

A Zerto interface allows you to initiate recovery directly into our hosted VMware environment. With easy point-and-click technology, you can select any VM to replicate and boot up in our data center. At anytime, you can perform failover testing using the self-service portal at no additional cost.

In addition, our engineering team ensures all networking is preset to your specifications. This pre-configured direct connection enables simple management and recovery in as little as 15 minutes.

Disaster Recovery with Veeam:

Disaster Recovery (DRaaS) with Veeam - utilizes Veeam Cloud Connect to establish a connction from the tenant's on-premise Veeam Backup & Replication (B&R) Server to our cloud service provider's instance. The tenant then protects their servers by constructing Veeam Replication jobs targeting their cloud repository. In the event of a disaster, the tenant has immediate access through their local Veeam B&R installation and restore their replicas into the cloud provider vCloud Director recovery site.

With DRaaS with Veeam, we can offer a full disaster recovery solution that is not based on continuous replication, but rather on scheduled replication jobs. DRaaS with Veeam fully protects a tenant's critical infrastructure while remaining low-impact and affordable.