Backup to the Cloud

Extending Secure, Compliant Backup to the Cloud

Veeam Cloud Connect, a module within Veeam Availability Suite v8, is a seamless way to establish offsite backup. In just a few minutes you can start backing up to the cloud through Black, without a VPN or separate console. Your cloud repository works just like a local resource, except that your cloud data is available even if your primary backup or datacenter is lost.

Organizations Welcome These Benefits of Veeam Cloud Connect:

  • Reduce the capital cost of backup equipment and the resources required for onsite, manual backup
  • Meet compliance and security mandates in field such as healthcare, financial services, and e-commerce
  • Enhance business continuity - your backup can be restored in the cloud and run as cloud servers
  • Receive the non-stop service and continuous protection of a fully redundant system - without the expense
  • Hosted on a secure and compliant cloud infrastructure built on enterprise-class hardware
  • Highly available and redundant infrastructure

Encrypted Transfers

  • All backup traffic is securely transferred with end-to-end AES 256 encryption at source (during backup), in transit and at rest
  • No negative impact on built-in compression, de-duplication and WAN Acceleration


  • Backups automatically take place according to your schedule

Cost Efficiency

  • Eliminate capital outlays for onsite backup equipment
  • Reduce offsite datacenter costs including space, power, network,and equipment

Enhanced Replications

  • 50x faster replication and up to 20x reduction in bandwidth consumption with WAN Acceleration
  • Replication from backup files without impacting your production environment


  • Quickly and easily add resources and capacity as needed

Fast Startup

  • Experienced engineers, easy setup and quick provisioning allow you to get started immediately

Built with Advanced Security Measures

  • By moving your backup service to the cloud, you eliminate upfront capital expenditures for equipment and increase security and reliability with an automated offsite backup. Black's secure, compliant infrastructure addresses the key obstacle for many companies considering a move to the cloud.
  • With Veeam Cloud Connect, cloud repositories are completely isolated from one another. You can also encrypt your backup at the source, before data leave your network and without increasing bandwidth consumption.

Easy Setup

  1. Once you have selected Black as your service provider, we will provide you with credentials
  2. Your cloud repository will appear in your backup infrastructure
  3. You can check the status of your backup at any time from your Veeam dashboard

Industry-Leading Technology

  • Maintain full control of your Veeam resources and backup
  • Secure, compliant cloud infrastructure built on enterprise-class hardware
  • Geographic redundancy for business continuity
  • Easily scalable to meet emerging needs and capacity demands