Whalley Park

Whalley Park was created in 2012 in honor of John Whalley 4th by John Whalley 3rd, founder, owner, and President of Whalley Computer Associates and his wife, Kathy. The Park was donated by the Whalley's in 2012. The park is a 70-acre parcel of land with 35 acres of recreational space for public use on 42 Powder Mill Road in Southwick, MA. The Great Brook flows through some of the underdeveloped areas of the park. The fields are irrigated with water coming from three wells within the park.

The park is located adjacent to the three local Southwick public schools, the high school, and the Southwick Rec Center athletic fields, allowing parents with multiple children to walk from one child's game to the other. The park is a center for many local events enjoyed by many in the town, such as the Fourth of July fireworks! 

The park is available and used by residents of all ages. From youth teams' practices and games to adult leagues, the park welcomes all.

Recreational Areas

  • Two full sized soccer fields and two smaller fields for younger players
  • One of the full sized fields has lights for night games
  • Tee ball, softball, a 75 and 90-foot baseball diamond
  • The softball and full-sized baseball diamond are lit
  • Two volleyball courts
  • Large playscape heavily visited by children and parents

Park Amenities:

  • Large pavilion and amphitheater
  • Three buildings with men and women's restrooms in each
  • Parking lot which allows for 350 parking spaces
  • The center of many local town events