Headquartered in Southwick, Massachusetts with offices in Milford, MA and Providence, RI, WCA serves customers all over the world. WCA offers a collaborative work environment that focuses on innovation, communication and teamwork.

While we've grown tremendously since originating in 1979, we've expanded our reach to service customers throughout the nation by building a world-class team. At this time we have the following positions open for a Managed Services Administrative Assistant and an Inside Account Manager

Managed Services Administrative Assistant


1. Setup of new MS client monthly service agreements

2. Perform monthly audits of all MS Agreements to validate accurate license counts

3. Assist in coordinating MS opportunity meetings with Account Executives, between clients and MS Director

4. Assist in coordinating existing MS client meetings between clients and MS Director

5. Monitoring of “High Priority/Priority Customer” MS tickets and client issues so they are addressed ASAP.

6. Work with Account Executives/Associates to facilitate purchasing requests and or renewals

Job brief

The WCA Managed Services team is looking for a candidate with back end administrative experience excellent communication and organization skills and is very comfortable interacting with clients. The optimal candidate is someone that can adjust to quickly changing situations and is able to multitask several different objectives at once. The position requires knowledge and understanding of Information Technology terms and solutions and is able to learn and adjust quickly to the ever-changing landscape of the IT services field.

The position requires weekly and monthly reviews of client agreements validating license usage against vendor portals. Running financial, profitability and utilization reports. Working directly with Account Executives to assist in obtaining information for new client proposals as well as helping to assist in the scheduling of client conferences and meetings, helping to avoid conflicts and over booking of the MS directs calendar.


  • Proficient in Microsoft Office applications
  • Proficient in the use and management of Outlook email and calendaring
  • Understanding of client monthly agreements and terms
  • Technical understanding of I.T. solutions
  • Experience creating product and services quotes and proposals
  • Ability to work within a dynamic team environment
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Excellent Customer Service skills

Skill beneficial to the position but not required:

  • Industry-related experience in and administrative role
  • Previous work with a Managed Service Provider (MSP) Experience
  • ConnectWise Manage, IT Glue
  • Experience with Microsoft Solutions - Office 365, Office Suite of applications: Word, Excel, Power Point, etc.
  • Experience with Adobe Acrobat

Interested and qualified applicant please send resumes to

Inside Account Manger

The Inside Account Manager (IAM) supports one or more outside Sales Reps by producing quotes, taking phone calls, co-coordinating service for the customer and whatever else is necessary to assist the customers of the Sales Rep that is out of the office.

This is a full-time position. The person needs to:

  1. Be very astute, incisive and smart
  2. Have exceptional verbal and written communication skills
  3. Be proficient in Outlook
  4. Possess a strong ability to pay attention to details
  5. Be able to handle many different tasks simultaneously, prioritize and complete them in an efficient manner
  6. Be outgoing and noticeably friendly, enthusiastic and empathetic over the phone
  7. Be a quick learner
  8. Be looking for a long-term position

Application Process:

  1. Email resumes to and copy
  2. If interested, we will schedule a 15-minute introductory phone call with the candidate.
  3. If both parties are all still interested, an interview will be scheduled.
  4. A second interview may be scheduled if necessary.
  5. The two - three strongest candidates will be asked to perform a virtual two day (8 hours each day) working interview (which will be paid). This may extend beyond the two days.
  6. The working interviews will continue until we are sure we have the right person and they are sure WCA is the right employer. At that point a job offer would be presented (temp or direct hire).

Interested and qualified applicant please send resumes to

Check back often as this is where job listings will be posted and on our LinkedIn page.