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At any given time, only five percent of global data is considered relevant, according to IDC. Yet conventional storage systems treat 100 percent of data as if it all had the same value. And that’s a problem. NexGen is the solution. We enable IT professionals to manage data according to its business value. In this way, IT can contribute dramatically more to productivity and profitability.

A Better Way Forward

At NexGen, we build PCIe flash arrays with data management capabilities that let you prioritize data and application performance based on business value. Our approach delivers the consistent application performance your end users expect with more efficient flash utilization.

Set up for Growth

As a well-funded, employee-led, independent company, NexGen is able to bring a laser focus to the creation of best-in-class, value-driven data management solutions while delivering new innovations faster to our customers.

Managed by a group of seasoned industry leaders, we don’t embrace technology for technology’s sake. We look at the bigger picture, seeing how innovation can improve the performance of your business.

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