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Staff Augmentation

Nearly every best practice study on IT organizations concludes that even the largest and most capable IT teams can increase efficiency, reduce costs, and raise the quality of service they provide by focusing on their core competencies and by outsourcing the others. The IT industry is too diverse to employ specialists in every category, especially if the need is only occasional.

Some of their lower end client services enabling their team to focus on more strategic tasks that brings more value to their company. They also engage our Enterprise services team engineers when the need a high level specialty resource with a skill that they don’t have within their team.

WCA invests over two million dollars each year to our customer’s access to the best service organization in their region. Our team consists of nearly 70 technical professionals. Furthermore, WCA spends over half a million dollars each year on training to assure that our technicians stay up to date with all of the latest IT changes and developments.

Client Services:

Enterprise Professional Services:

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