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Secure Cloud Servers

Making the Move to Cloud Computing


Gain Flexibility to Meet Business Challenges with Cloud Computing

Today's business environment demands flexibility, speed and reliability, especially when it comes to mission critical IT services. Companies must be ready to seize opportunities and respond to customer demands without worrying about IT infrastructure and available capacity. That's why companies are increasingly adding cloud computing to their IT tools.

Organizations are Adopting Cloud Computing to:

 What Makes WCA Cloud Servers Your Best Choice?

 Secure and Compliant

  • Hosted on a secure and compliant cloud infrastructure built on enterprise-class hardware
  • Highly available and redundant infrastructure


  • Migrate all data to the clouds, or maintain a hybrid environment with onsite and cloud servers
  • Add speed and agility for new product launches or migrations


  • No need to worry about hardware upgrades - the virtual server can be migrated to newer equipment without interruption of your service

 Cost Efficiency

  • Eliminate datacenter costs including space, power, network, equipment
  • Flexible pricing models based on CPU, RAM, disk storage, network, etc.
  • Pay monthly Microsoft Licensing instead of purchasing software


  • Provide your remote workforce with easy, secure access
  • Support mobile applications


  • Quickly and easily add resources as needed
  • Burst when additional compute power is not available onsite or for limited periods of time


  •  Easily create a "sandbox" standalone test environment

 Fast Startup

  • Experienced engineers, easy setup and quick provisioning allow you to get started almost immediately

 End Hardware Replacement Cycles While Meeting Security Demands

Each time you invest in hardware, it is with the knowledge that the technology and capacity you purchase will quickly become outdated. End this expensive cycle by moving part or all of your servers to the cloud. Not only do you eliminate upfront capital expenditures, but you also save on management and maintenance, as well as antivirus and other software renewals.

Improving Security and Access

WCA's secure, compliant infrastructure addresses the key obstacle for many companies considering a move to the cloud. Additionally, the company's experienced engineers work closely with you to determine the optimum solution for your particular needs to ensure a smooth migration with no service interruptions.

Reaping the Benefits of Cloud Computing

Industry-Leading Technology

 Implementation Options

Every business has its own drivers and demands that determine how to best realize the benefits of cloud computing. The most common implementation models are:


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