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WCA Sales Team

WCA’s sales team includes 13 highly trained, customer centric, sales professionals who have over 160 years of combined experience. They are partnered with 10 customer care specialists who provide rapid quotes, quick answers, and effective prompt resolutions to the infrequent problems that may occur. The sales organization has teams that specialize in the public sector or large corporate enterprise, while other teams cater to small and medium sized businesses.


As a result they are very knowledgeable on the products, services needed, and the best practices of the segments that they serve. Founded by educators, for educators, over 35 years ago, WCA has emerged as one of the largest suppliers of technology products and services to public sector accounts in North America.

WCA is a strategic partner with over 250 K-12 school systems, more than 50 colleges and universities, two dozen state agencies, and over 100 cities and towns all across New England and Upstate New York. We sell and service technology to approximately 3,000 corporations of all sizes and in every industry. WCA provides technology solutions to 12 of the Fortune 500 companies, and numerous other large corporate enterprises headquartered throughout New England and Upstate New York. WCA also provides products and services to their remote offices anywhere in North America. If you are a customer, thank you for your business. If you are not yet a customer, all of us at WCA would welcome the opportunity to work with you. Consider us for aggressive pricing, outstanding customer service, excellence in quality and unmatched technology expertise.

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