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Business Continuity/Data Retention


Easy Backup and Fast Recovery for ALL Your Data with ReVive

Business today often have a variety of IT devices, including desktops, physical servers, and virtual machines (VM). Capturing a comprehensive, image-level backup - with the ability to quickly restore to the present or a previous point of time - from a multitude of sources can be complicated.

ReVive offers a single solution to these challenges while eliminating tape backup systems and manual processes for SQL, Exchange, etc. Not only does ReVive capture the data, it also store it for long-term retention, helping to address a company's regulatory and compliance requirements.

Organizations that adopt ReVive need to:

 Why Should You Choose ReVive?


  • Includes operating system, applications, platforms and integrated services and data


  •  Integrates with desktops, servers, and VMs
  • Onsite storage for convenience, offsite for security


  • Fully automated DR failover and recovery for data and applications

 Cost Efficiency

  • Extend the life of legacy equipment with a robust backup solution
  • Better use of IT resources, including personnel and equipment


  • Create full, differential and incremental backups of your system at intervals you specify
  • Obtain granular recovery of individual files and folders in moments


  • Consolidate backups to simplify backup management and minimize disk space required for system backups

 Enterprise-Class Hardware

  •  Hosted on a secure and compliant cloud infrastructure built on enterprise-class hardware

 Fast Startup

  • Experienced engineers, easy setup, and quick provisioning allow you to get started almost immediately

Image-Level Backups, Off-Site Replications for Physical and Virtual Machines

ReVive offers the backup and replication necessary to ensure business continuity regardless of whether you are operating in a physical, virtual, or hybrid environment. ReVive incorporates long-term backup retention to meet business needs or satisfy regulatory and compliance requirements.

Improving Security and Access

Easy to install and use, ReVive can be configured to provide the frequency of backup and replication you need, with tools for rapid recovery and the ability to leverage store image-level backups for disaster recovery, testing, and virtualization.

ReVive Technology Fits Enterprise Needs

ReVive Technology Advantages



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