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Product Storage

Rapid Delivery for Urgent Needs

Whalley Computer Associates (WCA) will stock the products that you commonly purchase so we can provide you immediate access to it. We do not charge a fee to hold these products and won't bill you for them until we ship it to you. If you place your order before 2:00PM, our customers in New England and New York should receive their orders the next day.

We can also hold your standard image and apply asset tags for customers that request those services. If you place an emergency order of your stocked product by 2:00PM and we have copies of your standard images, it can be imaged, an asset tag applied, delivered, and functioning on your end users' desk within two business days.

Typically we stock enough products to accommodate four weeks of a company's average purchase volume; our only stipulation is that the existing stock must be exhausted before changing models or choosing a new vendor. Our Account Executives will help you manage the stock to avoid EOL overages or backorders.

Just in Time Delivery for Large Projects

WCA will also warehouse large quantities of products for projects and deliver just the right quantity at just the right time to the exact places needed to insure that the project does not experience any delays.

We know that most of our customers do not have the extra space needed to securely store and efficiently deploy large quantities of product, which is why we offer to hold and store product for you at no cost. Furthermore, WCA offers next day delivery.

For more information, email us at wcabiz@wca.com, contact your Account Executive, or call Chris at 877-569-4200.

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