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Managed Services

All of us at WCA fully understand that we have survived and prospered for over 35 years by providing aggressive pricing backed by exceptional service. We will continue to make whatever investments that are needed to maintain our position as the best service provider in the region, knowing that this is required to thrive. WCA feels honored to have earned numerous awards that confirm our service excellence.

When describing our services we often differentiate between client and enterprise devices.

A client device is one that the individual end user touches when computing. Good examples of that are desktops, laptops, tablets, phones, local (personal) printers, scanners, etc.

An enterprise product is one that the individual users share resources, such as servers, storage, network devices, and wireless access points.

Client Services:

Enterprise Professional Services:

Who We Service:

At WCA we have been servicing corporations and educational institutions headquartered in New England and New York and their remote locations throughout North America for the past 35 years. We have extensive experience with corporations of all sizes, educational institutions from kindergarten to college, as well as local and state government. We perform services for some of the largest and most prestigious companies in New England and New York including EMC, T.J. Maxx and Marshalls, Friendly’s, Bertucci’s, Rite Aid, UMass, Westfield State University, Providence College, the Cities of Boston, Springfield, Warwick and nearly three thousand other customers.

Our Mission:

Our Mission as a technology sales and service organization is to reduce our customers’ costs, improve the end user technology experience and increase their efficiency through technology.

For more information, email us at wcabiz@wca.com , contact your Account Executive, or call Chris at 877-569-4200.


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