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A Sales Associate (SA) supports one or more outside Sales Reps by producing quotes, taking phone calls, co-coordinating service for the customer and whatever else is necessary to assist the customers of the Sales Rep that is out of the office.

This is a full-time position. The person needs to:

1. be very astute, incisive, smart.

2. have exceptional verbal and written communication skills.

3. be proficient in Outlook.

4. possess a strong ability to pay attention to details.

5. have the ability to handle many different tasks simultaneously, prioritize and complete them in an efficient manner.

6. be outgoing and noticeably friendly, enthusiastic and empathetic over the phone.

7. be a quick learner.

8. be looking for a long-term position.


Application process:

1. Email resumes to teampw@wca.com.

2.If interested, we will schedule a 15-minute introductory phone call with the candidate.

3. If both parties are still interested, a tour of WCA and an interview will be scheduled.

4. Second interview may be scheduled if necessary.

5. The two to three strongest candidates will be asked to come in for a two day (8 hours each day) working- interview at WCA (paid).

    This may extend beyond 2 days.

6. The working in interviews will continue until we are sure we have the right person and they are sure WCA is the right employer.

    At that point a job offer would be presented (temp or direct hire).

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